Finding the Center, Living on the Circumference

Communication – A Good Conversation

This week a friend of mine came to me, upset that her husband had called her a "bad" person. Why? Because, they are from two different political parties, and they didn't agree on the topic at hand. My reaction? What has happened to the idea that we can disagree without humiliating the other person, vilifying… Continue reading Communication – A Good Conversation

Finding the Center, In the Center

Gratitude Is Good For Us

When you spend your days looking for the good in them, you start to notice and appreciate the little things. As a benefit, you might start to change your perspective on life, your overall health, and your brain. In today's "never enough" culture, it is easy to start feeling like an ordinary life is unfulfilling.… Continue reading Gratitude Is Good For Us

Finding the Center, Living on the Circumference

Feeling Naked Shame

Seventh and eighth grade gym class with Mrs. V (that's what we called her) always ended with a mandatory group shower. That meant everyone saw everyone else naked. This is when hormones start doing their thing and bodies are changing - at least some of them were. Up to that point in my young life,… Continue reading Feeling Naked Shame

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The Importance of My Women Friendships

One of my closest girlfriends ghosted me about a year ago. The last time I saw her, she introduced me to her new "boyfriend" as her "best friend forever". Since then, I haven't seen or heard a word from her. We shared confidences, took road trips, met for lunch or coffee regularly, and we were… Continue reading The Importance of My Women Friendships

In the Center, Photography

Setting Boundaries With A Friend

Recently, I had to put a hard boundary in place with a friend. It was difficult. I hated doing it. It felt disloyal. It sucked!Except for some online interaction, there won't be any more drunken phone calls or hung-over get togethers. This was the choice I made, the boundary I set. We used to meet… Continue reading Setting Boundaries With A Friend

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Belonging or Just Fitting In

One of my favorite authors and personal heroes is Brene Brown. I recently heard her speak about the difference between belonging and fitting in. She said that when we fit in, we are acclimating to the situation, changing who we are so that others will accept us; but, when we belong, we do not change,… Continue reading Belonging or Just Fitting In