It Is Snowing

Nothing brings birds to the feeders faster than a snow storm.


Unfortunately, I must photograph them through the kitchen door. My camera is not weather proof and they will fly away if I open the door, since the feeders are approximately 15 – 20 feet from the house. That is where my yard ends. I managed to hang four feeders from my crepe myrtle tree and two of them are attached to the fence on a pole.

I’m not a bird expert, so feel free to correct me if I get the identification wrong.

Above is a female Downy woodpecker and a Carolina wren on the bell feeder. I think that might be a song sparrow on the red hopper. On the other side of the hopper, you can see a cardinal’s tail feathers sticking out.


Above is a house finch at the finch feeder. Below is a Northern Cardinal sharing seed with a couple of finches. Cardinals tend to be very friendly with other birds.



I’m not sure what I have sitting on the tube feeder above. Maybe a Goldfinch in winter plumage?

The snow had stopped when this female red bellied woodpecker arrived.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Ahhhh nooo! I left Colorado and moved to Arizona to escape that stuff LOL!

    1. Robin says:

      Arizona does sound appealing on cold, snowy days!!!

  2. The snow in these images really adds a bit of magic to them.

    1. Robin says:

      Thanks, Amy. A little of the magic is due to a bit of editing.

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