Welcome to Living on the Circumference – Finding the Center!

When I named my blog, I had a reason. But, then I never wrote a single article, save the wing walker photo. I stepped away from blogging and writing poetry and taking photos. I stepped away from things I love. I replaced them with other things, which I love.

Recently, I started asking myself what makes me happy? Do I have to give up one thing for another? Time is precious. How much can I fit in? Where do I fit in? There are different communities in a world of technology. There are various online communities and there are our communities that we come in contact with in our physical world, meaning people I can see face to face, touch, and go to coffee with.

You may be wondering what was the reason for the name of my blog, since I started off telling you that there was a reason. It is not one specific reason, but in general, it has to do with belonging, with relationships, and community. It has to do with the self, who we are and what matters to us. Not one of us is the same, and yet, we are all human and not that different or unique from the other people in our world. I might stray from the reasons I just mentioned, because I can. Overall, that is my intended focus.

I enjoy reading, watching movies and TV, and listening to podcasts, so I might write reviews once in a while. And I love quotes, so I might share a few.

I spend a lot of time with this little guy, Samwise. Most people ask about his breed. He is a Coton de Tulear.


I take all of my own photos.

After giving this some consideration, I decided I will try to write at least once a week. I have to stop using the word try. It often gives me a reason to procrastinate and/or let me off the hook all together. Sigh. Intentions versus intentional!

Please ask permission before using any content. When using content, please link back to my blog. Thanks.



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